Congratulations to the following for passing their tests
Corine day
Kelsea Richardson
Beth Edwards
Tom Devoy
Congratulations to Rostam King on passing his test today. Well done no more trains for you x
Well done Ella Clark on passing her theory last week
Well done Morgan Stark on passing his theory test last week.
Congratulations Laura Elloway on passing her test 1st time on Friday 11th November at Abergavenny. You did fantastic stay safe on the roads and don't be a strangerxstrangers
Well done Rebecca Telchadder on passing her test today at Abergavenny.
I would like to congratulate all my pupils who have passed so far this year. You have all been a pleasure to teach....
rhiannon staphill
toni kelly
charly cook
rachel hemmings
luke williams
holly lucker
georgia silcox
emily harrington
lisa jones
shane moon
charles lesbirel
jodie thomas
bailey thomas
jo day
adam lewis
david legood
james coulton
emily eliese
owen westwood
chelsea aitkens
hannah james
kate baldock
rhys thomas
geriant straker
lauren schroll
mali atkins
richard day
stacy hinnem
sam yeates
lucile harding
rachel turley
imogen aitkins
alys pugh
I'm having a new car January 2017 and its going to be change. I will be teaching in a new DS4. It is the next model up from the DS3 but it is a five door car. It drives lovely just like the DS3. Pictures to follow.
Well I can't believe it's been a year since i updated this. I will be giving it a full update with what's been going on for the last year. There has been so much happening and loads of passes.
New pictures of the car ready for the big learner relay 2015 in aid of children in need. It is taking part in the castle carpark abergavenny at 1pm.please come and support us in this worthy cause.
I would like to congratulate Bradley Lucas on passing his test last month
I would ike to congratulate Joe Humphreys for passing his test yesturday as well
I would like to congratulate Daffydd price for passing his test 8th September