Please join me on 10th November 2015 at castles carpark Abergavenny. Please visit the web site to purchase goods to help raise money for this fantastic cause . Please join me on the day to take part in this fantastic event, it's a chance for us to give back to a well deserved cause.
There have been a  few changes this year to our licences, there is no longer 2 parts to it. If you want to see the paper part you have to go on line and view it and you can also print it off. 

Winter is fast approaching us and before we know it the frost and maybe the snow will be here. Wouldn't those school journeys and the commute to work be easier if you was drivng. Now is the time to start driving. Get in contact to get some info to the freedom of the roads.
Well it's been a busy summer this year and there has been a few passes since my last up date. Hannah, bronwen, Mr moon are just a few who are now out enjoying the freedom of driving. I hope they have great journeys and hope they stay safe on the open roads.