New pictures of the car ready for the big learner relay 2015 in aid of children in need. It is taking part in the castle carpark abergavenny at 1pm.please come and support us in this worthy cause.
I would like to congratulate Bradley Lucas on passing his test last month
I would ike to congratulate Joe Humphreys for passing his test yesturday as well
I would like to congratulate Daffydd price for passing his test 8th September
Please join me on 10th November 2015 at castles carpark Abergavenny. Please visit the web site to purchase goods to help raise money for this fantastic cause . Please join me on the day to take part in this fantastic event, it's a chance for us to give back to a well deserved cause.
There have been a  few changes this year to our licences, there is no longer 2 parts to it. If you want to see the paper part you have to go on line and view it and you can also print it off. 

Winter is fast approaching us and before we know it the frost and maybe the snow will be here. Wouldn't those school journeys and the commute to work be easier if you was drivng. Now is the time to start driving. Get in contact to get some info to the freedom of the roads.
Well it's been a busy summer this year and there has been a few passes since my last up date. Hannah, bronwen, Mr moon are just a few who are now out enjoying the freedom of driving. I hope they have great journeys and hope they stay safe on the open roads.
I would to congratulate Naomi on passing her test friday !st time. well done you deserved it . Stay safe .

Well done Meg passing her test yesturday 1st time, all the hard work was worth it. enjoy the freedom.
Well i haven't been in here to update for a while so i will just list everyone to congratulate them om passing their test
Gareth Thomas
Antonia williams
Jack miller
Ryan Jones
Emily Williams
Jo Phillips
James Selway
Mark Davies
Tom Howarth
Lucy Howells
Jessica Williams
Stacey Hale
Daemonet Jordan
louise Warburton
John Melville
Keri Eynon
Georgia Ocallaghn
Fleur Atkins
Beth Jones
Lauren Jones
Carly Pook
Kate Webb
Lauren Barrett
Joe Elloway
Ffion James
Harriett Davies
Jordan Thomas
Vikki Hudman
Keeleigh Jones
Matthew Howells
Well done everyone stay safe on the roads x
I woud like to congratulate Jack Howarth on pasing his test today 1st time. What a good start to the New Year.
I  would like to congratulate  Owain  on passing his test on New Years eve. What a way to end the year.
I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2015xis finally  here, what are your new goals for this year. How about getting your independance and learning to driving. Please contact me for further dtails.