I have a couple of passes the last couple of weeks so I would like to congratulate them on passing. Hugo who has gone travelling. 
lewis   who needed the pass to progress in his job. 
Sarah who has got her own car that was waiting for her to pass.
They were all a pleasure to teach and I will miss our lessons x  Stay safe on the roads x

Well the new car has arrived. It is a dream to drive and is very stylish aswell.


I have a new car arriving soon. It is going to be a fantastic new colour called whisper purple. Hope you all like it .


I would like to say well done to Dan Webb on passing his driving test first time yesterday at Abergavenny test centre on a very busy market day. You have worked hard to get now is the time to enjoy it. I will miss our time together . X


We'll done Natasha on passing your test first time. It was great to hear you have got a car as quickly as you have. Stay safe look forward to seeing you on the road. It was a pleasure teaching xx


I like to congratulate Adam on passing his theory test. The next step is booking your practical test with in the next weeks x


I would like to congratulate alex woods on passing her driving test on the 1st off April 1st time. I will miss our chats but i will see you on the roads stay safe it was a pleasure teaching you xx


Tom Fury

I would like to congratulate tom on passing his test on monday 31st march 1st time. It was a pleasure teaching  you and look forward to seeing you on the road. Stay safe x


Katie Baker

I would like to congratulate katie on passing her test 1st time on monday  24th febuary . She had worked really hard to get up to standard so she could do her test before the test centre closed for a refurb.  I will miss her and our little chats.  Well done katie x


Yes summer is on it's way.  The nights are drawing out slowly and before we know it the summer will be upon us.  It's time to be thinking of getting your license and having the freedom on those lovely summer days.  

Many people are thinking of going to uni and wouldn't it be great to have your licence to commute and to come home when you would like,  well know is the time to be thinking of it.  

Contact me know and take the first step to freedom.  Look forward to hearing from you.